mySQL ERROR 2002

ERROR: ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can’t connect to local MySQL server through socket ‘/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock’ (2)

You need to install the server package:

sudo yum install mysql-server

After installation, you have to start the service:

sudo service mysqld start

and dont forget to secure install

sudo /usr/bin/mysql_secure_installation

Available Free DNS

list of free DNS that you can use,

Google Public DNS

Primary server:
Secondary server:

Google operates the world’s largest public DNS service. Launched in December 2009, it supports many billions of DNS queries per day, much of the volume generated from clients outside the U.S. The company developed this service as one of its corporate initiatives to make the Internet more accessible and easier for everyone to use, making it a logical choice for users worldwide.


Primary server:
Secondary server:

The oldest of all services on this list, OpenDNS also supports billions of DNS queries per day. In addition to its basic name resolution service, OpenDNS Home Solutions provides free Web site filtering of adult content (called FamilyShield) and URL spell correction with accompanying installed software. The company also sells various security products to businesses. Those looking for an alternative to Google products and a service that works well outside the U.S. also tend to like OpenDNS.

Norton DNS for Home
Primary server:
Secondary server:

Security software company Symantec began offering its free Norton DNS in 2010. The package works similarly to OpenDNS FamilyShield. Utility programs that automatically configure the DNS server addresses and and set up basic content filtering exist for Windows, Mac OS X and Android. Those already using OpenDNS or Google Public DNS but dissatisfied with those service can try Norton DNS to see how it compares.

Comodo Secure DNS

Primary server:
Secondary server:

In addition to its free DNS service, Comodo is known for the Antivirus package it sells along with other software products.

DNS Advantage

Primary server:
Secondary server:

A company called Neustar manages both the free DNS Advantage service as well as the commercial (not free) UltraDNS system.


Primary server:
Secondary server:

Designed to automatically block pornographic and other undesirable Web sites, ScrubIT made its debut in 2007 and received mixed reviews for its aggressive filtering policy.

Verizon / Level 3 CommunicationsU.S Internet provider

Primary server:
Secondary server:

Verizon maintains public DNS servers that can be used by both subscribers and non-subscribers. Verizon’s servers (sometimes identified as “Level 3 Communications” or as “Genuity” / “”).

Truth about Videocards/GPUs

Ex. AMD Radeon HD 677/ Nvidia GeForce GTX 780

  • The first digit is the generation (2nd Important)
  • The second digit is the performance indicator (Very Important)
  • The third digit is a refined performance indicator (Least Important)
  • The forth digit is often just 0

Performance indicator numbers: 
(red number)
1: Intergrated graphics product, very low performance
2: Low performance
4-3: Low-Mid performance
5-6: Midrange performance
7-8: High performance
9: Ultra High performance

High Performance ang AMD Radeon HD 6770 at Nvidia Geforce GTX 770.
Low-Mid Performance ang AMD Radeon 6470 at Nvidia Geforce 530

So when it comes to performance. the higher the second number the better.
So AMD HD 5000 series… 5450<5550<5570<5670<5750<5770<5830…
if combined AMD HD 4000 series… 4350<5450=4550<5550<5570=4670<5670<575…

not only memory is important to look at you also need to check other like:
(red as the most importantand green as second most important.)

Pixel/Vertex Shaders
Core Speed (here you could know if you could overclock it. Nvidia has base boost feature)
Shader Speed
Memory Speed
Memory Bus Width ( 64bit/128bit/256bit etc.)
Memory Type (GDDR5/4/3)
Memory Size (ng GPU) (here we usually look at which we should not.  the 2GB 1GB…)
Power Consumption
DirectX Support (11 up)
OpenGL Support
Physx Support ( Nvidia only)