How to Hack Private Friendster Photos

Guide How to View Private Folder Friendster Pictures

open Ur Friend’s friendster URL…

Suppose Your Friend’s Friendster Id is :
When u try to open and view private photos, you get, stopped.

That time the URL is :

Now ur taken to Friendster Private Photos Requestition Page
just do this

–>  Right Click –> properties –> clickURL image properties…

You get a URL as :

modify www –> photos

and Modify image-server.php –>photos

Now u get :

Copy and Paste URL address to your browser and view friendster private photo’s

so guys, watch out with uploading Ur photo’s….Coz, Nothing secure in Internet, also Private Photos of Friendster

296 thoughts on “How to Hack Private Friendster Photos

  1. holycarabao


    can u share to me the link.. can send it to my email or ym me?? pls..

  2. charm luthor

    ei..hmm..i did this thats why it didnt work

    could u pls tell me the right way..hihi

  3. chico

    Can you let us know how to see the person’s friends? I need to see who someone’s friends are. Please….

  4. jhong

    wher can i find the url image properties? can you please send me easiest step on hacking private photos. make it step by step.thank you very much. [ URL AND EMAIL ARE FILTERED ]

  5. desperatevictim09

    Pls who knows how to hack the private photo in friendster? i desperately need to know. Coz i smell something fishy and its my only hope=[

  6. desperatevictim09

    pls pls plss..
    coz i think my bf and his exgf are hiding something from me
    ..pls help me =[

  7. nosemaj

    plss give me the steps how to hack the private photos because i cant understand how to do it…plss send it to my email

  8. rancid

    we don’t get it..
    can u specify each detail to us?
    thx ./gg
    hope we can get ur idea to hack private.

  9. elle

    please send me the easiest way to view private photos…i just wanted to see the 2nd family of my father.tanxs

  10. charl

    hi guys,
    can you teach me how to view private filders with any asking for request and without knowing that i viewed her page,
    hope you can help me finding ways here, i just want to make sure that my gf is no doing silly things,
    your help will much appreciated
    thanks so much

  11. jln

    could you update that please… i’m an amateur hacker and friendster already patched up that bug… sort of like for intipers na din… anything new with that?

  12. crop

    hey do i know ur email add..want to know more about viewing private photos in friendster..or can any1 help me with this..

  13. polariz

    friendster admins are always updating friendster to prevent hacks….so don’t underestimate them….especially pinoy admins…lol

  14. desperada

    hi guys, can anyone pls tell me how to view friendster private photos? pls pls pls.. the future of my family depends on it .. email me pls .. thanks guys.. will really appreciate it.. thanks and more power

  15. dargani

    i’ve tried all these! but not working!!! help me alex, email me i need to see my girlfriend’s private photo! she erased all our photos and made it private.

  16. tin

    hey too.. im looking for a way to see a private album.i really really nid this,pls.if u guys could share anything re. this..pls post it here.thanks

  17. Maki

    Does this trick still working???
    It would be Cool if it’s still works
    Coz it will be the way to catch
    this Cheater! c(^_~)v,,

  18. extraBiG

    i want to learn how 2 hack a private pic. can somebody teach me how to hack plzz… or send a instraction in my e-mail thnxx….

  19. phil jay amacio

    hi hello can you teach me how to hack picture coz i want to hack my picture of my friends of mine.,.,.,
    hope you teach me i want to learn something about that..,..

  20. BruteForce

    create a server at your computer e.g. wampserver – google it

    create php file using notepad & insert following code…this code using random numbers
    error_reporting(E_ERROR | E_PARSE);

    for ($j=0; $j<1000; $j++){
    $ran = mt_rand(100000000, 999999999);
    $dir = "*vict's reversed last two digits*/*vict's reversed last 3rd & 4th digits*/*vict's uid*/1_".$ran.".jpg";
    echo "”;

    * $j can be increase depends on your internet/computer power&speed.

    got 1 victs*censored*.jpg


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