Linux Server Hacked

Linux Mint Server Hacked last August 15th, the server of the Linux Mint distribution was hacked and code was injected to install a trojan called JS/Tenia.d If you visited between August 13-15 they recommend you to scan your computer to make sure this trojan isn’t present. As this attack exploited vulnerabilities within linuxmint’s PHP code. Linuxmint took the opportunity to clean it all and secure every single page against injections in the future. experienced almost 20 hours of downtime


Virus Characteristics

This detection covers scripts in which malicious iFrame(s) is appended to the end of a HTML page, i.e. after the < /HTML > tag.

The recent variant also included Javascript obfuscated malicious iFrames. These iFrames will lead to redirection of the browser window to browser exploits that will download and execute malware on user’s computer.

Obviously just the Windows users were affected by this

3 thoughts on “Linux Server Hacked

  1. spidamang

    I went back to Ubuntu when hardy came out. Mint didn’t have a 64 bit version. The server hack must have been very bad PR for windows users searching about linux.


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