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Use Yahoo or Skype on your Mobile

– www.fring.com. VoIP client and nothing to do with the embedded Nokia Internet Telephony client. Works best over WLAN and 3G as 2G networks have often longer packet delays that impact voice quality.

– www.iSkoot.com. Uses your local and normal GSM minutes to make normal GSM calls – not totally “free” VoIP, but if can use your local GSM minutes to call your Skype buddy in another country, that’s pretty good deal. Works everywhere as long you have just GSM network available and GPRS packet connection for Skype presence information.

PuTTY SSH Client for Nokia N95

i have been thinking about this app PuTTY for Symbian OS, an SSH client for my new Nokia N95. After figuring out the correct version to download, there are several versions available for the different editions of Symbian, the installation was super easy and simply consisted of clicking a few confirmation buttons. By the way, the correct version for the Nokia N95 is the S60 third edition.

Regarding usage, I found using PuTTY useful for work ; I connected to one of my Fedora systems at home, and my boss servers, impressive stuff, even if I do say so myself! For me, the ability to run an SSH client gives a whole new meaning to the term “smartphone“. Is there anything this phone can’t do?