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How to Send email direct from linux terminal

To send an email from console you need to use mail command, which is an intelligent mail processing system which has a command syntax reminiscent of ed with lines replaced by messages.

To send an email to [email protected] you need to type following command:

$ mail [email protected]

Subject: Hello
Kamusta kana? sana ok ka/// :)
. <Type  DOT (.) followed by ENTER KEY>
Cc: <Press ENTER KEY>

You need to type . (dot) to send an email.

To send contains of file (such as /var/log/messages) as mail body then use following command:

$ mail -s 'Subject here' [email protected] < /var/log/messages

Please note that above command will NOT route an email if you do not have properly configured MTA/mail server. and check your spam folder for paid services like gmail for the mail might end up there

How to Send Fake Email

Fake E-mail
( How to Fool UUCP)


1. Telnet to port 25 of any internet server
(eg. telnet site.name.and.address 25)
2. If at all possible, AVOID TYPING “HELO”.
3. Type: rcpt to (person to receive fake mail){ENTER}
4. Type: mail from (fake name and address){ENTER}
5. The mail server should ok each time after each name.
6. If it does not:
a) type vrfy and then the name of the person
b) as a last resort use helo, this will login your computer as
having been the source of the mail
7. Retype the commands, it should say ok now.
8. Type: data{ENTER}
9. The first line of the message will be the Subject line
10. Enter your letter
11. To send letter type a “.” on an empty line.
12. Then type quit{ENTER}
13. This is traceable by any system administrator so don’t harass people this
14. If the person receiving the mail uses a shell like elm he/she
will not see the telltale fake message warning
“Apparently-To:(name)” even if not, most people wouldn’t know
what it means anyway.
15. Make sure you use a four part address [email protected]
so as to make it look more believable and cover any add-ons the
mail routine might try
16. Put a realistic mail header in the mail message to throw people
off even more. If there are To: and Date: lines then the
program probably won’t add them on.
17. Also try to telnet to the site where the recipient has his
account. This works better if you know how to fool it.

(from Beelzebub, Doktor Nil w/ Belisarius)

UUCP is an abbreviation for Unix to Unix CoPy. The term generally refers to a suite of computer programs and protocols allowing remote execution of commands and transfer of files, email and netnews between computers. Specifically, uucp is one of the programs in the suite; it provides a user interface for requesting file copy operations. The UUCP suite also includes uux (user interface for remote command execution), uucico (communication program), uustat (reports statistics on recent activity), uuxqt (execute commands sent from remote machines), and uuname (reports the uucp name of the local system).