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Vampire vs Werewolf

For thousands of years a merciless war has raged between the werewolves and the vampires. This is not just a war over hunting territories, this is the ultimate battle to decide who will rule the world! The war between the werewolves and vampires has also spread to the internet, you too have the chance to join one of the warring parties, perhaps tipping the balance in favour of your chosen race!

Game Basics
You require nothing more than an internet connection and a web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer) to play MonstersGame. Click on “Register” and decide whether you want to join the clan of the vampires or that of the werewolves. Registration is quite easy, doesn’t cost you anything and there is no further obligation on your part. Once you have registered, you find yourself on the overview page of your RPG character. Here you can find important information about your character and also your victim-link, with which you can find victims in the far reaches of the internet by placing the link appropriately. For example, you can send the link to your friends, place it on your homepage or use it as a signature in forums. If an unsuspecting victim clicks on your link, you bite him/her and suck 1-3 litres of blood (as a vampire) or devour 1-3 kilograms of flesh (as a werewolf). Additionally, the same amount of gold will be credited to your game account. If your victim registers for MonstersGame, you have created a new vampire/werewolf and you receive 25% of the loot that he/she receives from his/her own victims in the internet! Once the character(s) you have created via your victim link has reached level 3, you receive 50 gold and 1 experience Point! You can invest your gold in training for your character to improve his/her attributes or you can buy and expand your hideout to better protect your character from attacks by the enemy race.

In addition to the hunt in the internet, you can also directly attack players of the enemy race and steal their gold. Your character’s attributes and equipment play a vital role in these attacks,


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