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We are living in the times of Bitcoin, an innovative digital currency that is transforming the global economy. With money being redefined by bitcoin, the mainstream financial institutions are now rushing to adopt bitcoin’s underlying blockchain technology with hopes of creating a faster, cheaper and more efficient banking and financial system. Customer loyalty programs are not far behind either. Ribbit.me is one such customer loyalty solutions provider who has deviated from the norm to take advantage of blockchain technology.

Ribbit.me is on its way to transforming the loyalty program industry which has not seen much innovation from the past 20 years or more. Ribbit.me has created a unified customer rewards program built on a blockchain to offer real-time award and redemption of reward points. The highly customizable platform can be used for instant rewards credit as soon as the customer executes an action confirming his/her purchase. E.g. While flying, the customer will receive his rewards points at the gate where his boarding pass is scanned. He will have reward points credited to his account even before he boards the plane. This will allow the customer to use those points on the airplane. Ribbit.me allows cross-branding and promotions so that users can use reward points gained from one brand/outlet/company at other partner business. Also, vendors can choose to categorize the points depending on the kind of service. E.g. Points gained from staying in hotels are stored separately from shopping points and air miles. However, the customer can convert one type of points to another if required.

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