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How to migrate Joomla

Below are the main variables you need to adjust when you migrate your joomla to another host
this can be found here: public_html/configuration.php

$mosConfig_host = ‘some.host.com’;
$mosConfig_user = ‘some_db_user’;
$mosConfig_password = ‘some_db_password’;
$mosConfig_db = ‘some_db_user’;
$mosConfig_absolute_path = ‘/path/to/your/joomla/root/folder’;
$mosConfig_live_site = ‘http://url.to.your.joomla.site.com’;
$mosConfig_cachepath = ‘/path/to/your/joomla/root/folder/cache’

STEPS ( assuming you are already inside your current joomla folder via terminal )

1) mysqldump -Q -u[root] -p[password] [databasename] > dumpfile.sql

you need to supply with your own details without the brackets
save database data to a single file also known as dumpfile

2) scp -r * [email protected]:/home/username/public_html/

you will be prompt for password
this command sends files and database to your new server you can also do .tarbals if you want to pack it as one before you move your files

STEPS ( new host )

1) mysql -u[root] -p[password] [newdatabasename] < dumpfile.sql

restores old database info from old site to new database

2) edit configuration.php

You Done

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