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Call Center incompetent TSR

Phone Conference Between Pobreng Taga bantay ng Cafe at TSR nang isang sikat na broadband ISP provider

— waiting for 13mins and listens to stupid sound —

Customer: hello kase sira po ung net namin nag brownout lang tapos nawala na
L1 TSR: ok maam, let me ask you few question before we start
L1 TSR: are you using router?
Customer: opo
L1 TSR: could you please turn your router off
Customer: done
L1 TSR: is your internet connection ok now?
Customer: wala
L1 TSR: please click status at the lower section of your os
Customer: where?
L1 TSR: you see two monitors?
Customer: i only have 1 monitor
L1 TSR: no i mean the icon which looks like 2 monitors
L1 TSR: what os are you using?
Customer: linux server daw to
L1 TSR: ok maam hold on let me pass you to our level 2 TSR

— waiting for 5mins and listens to stupid sound —

L2 TSR: Hello maam,
Customer: Hi
L2 TSR: what linux are you using
Customer: di ko po alam, taga bantay lang ako nang cafe tapos wala nang connection, d ko alam kung anu ung gagawin ko kase marami pa dito nag hihintay na gagamit nang internet
L2 TSR: ok please go to System then Administration then last click Network
Customer: wala naman dito eh black and white lang sya na text
L2 TSR: maam we dont support linux system we advised you to use windows xp or the newest windows vista to enjoy our fast speed broadband service

/* errors */
1) level 2 TSR should ask the customer to describe what is his/her desktop display to make sure if the current running linux have Graphical Logic Manager (gdm) Running
2) if there is GUI you can tell the customer to click terminal shortcut, if none command directly to screen check command here to check the version of linux

this problem could be easily fixed using this guide;

is Discuss this to my friend RJ and he said that “****” kung fu is no good “i did not put the broadband name for my safety and RJ’s ahahahahahah”

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