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How to Send SMS using Chikka under Linux

Philippines will not be called the text capital of the world for no reason. Probably if the two giants of mobile communications providers will be out of service for just one day, then most of us here will be far from being complete for a day.

If you are full-time windows user, I can say that you use chikka client for sending text messages from your pc. Chikka doesn’t have a counter part of their software for linux users but it is possible to send text messages via googletalk using the format “[email protected]”.

We now know that we can send text messages through the use of Google Talk, which is available in your google account, obviously. I found a way to use this protocol in Pidgin – and basically to other Chat clients that is jabber account enabled.

Make a new account and choose googletalk in the protocols drop-down box.

Complete the account information and lick Ok.

After a successful log-in your buddy lists, from googletalk, should be visible now in the list of your buddies – that is, if you already have in googletalk. If you still don’t have, just add a buddy by using his/her cell number followed by @chikkatalk.com e.g. [email protected]. Remember to change the account type to your google account when adding buddies to googletalk.

click add.
Test if you can send a text message.

Note: after three text messages you’ll be asked to wait for a reply from your buddy, the same as when you are using chikka client. A work around here is to delete the buddy from your list and add him/her again, or you can tell him/her to reply once in your message…


history of chikka:

Chikka Asia, Inc. pioneered the creation of the Chikka Text Messenger (CTM) in 1999. CTM was the pilot service of the company, which combines the features of instant messaging and SMS technology.

Owners of the company were a group of young entrepreneurs trying to devise a customer service application that would connect Internet-to-mobile communities. This application was originally intended for a small e-commerce business that catered to an overseas community for the delivery of gifts to their home country, in this case, the Philippines.

It was designed to withstand SMS volume in a country sending 30 million messages daily, which made it “Text Capital of the World” in 2000.

Chikka was founded as a “dotcom” during the tail-end of the dotcom boom in 2000. A year later, the Chikka Messenger was launched. Chikka beat world players in creating an effective mobile instant messaging application, one that would marry SMS. Chikka’s solution and subsequent hold on the market was such that prevented many more global players from gaining ground in the “SMS Capital.”

The Chikka Text Messenger (CTM) was capable of translating instant messaging functionalities such as presence detection (knowing which users are online), into SMS-enabled mobile phones. Effective anti-spam and privacy features were also built-in to assure primary customers in the network operators.

Users log-on to Chikka using their mobile phone number and enjoy free instant messaging from a PC and continue to receive messages on their mobiles even when offline.

Such features are the subject of patent filings worldwide.

By the third quarter of 2002, Chikka Asia, Inc. had already launched multiple services that allowed it to seize market leadership in the local Value Added Service (VAS) SMS market in the Philippines, especially on various corporate promo applications and SMS-based games.



    • anne
      Aug 2, 2009 at 12:48 AM / Reply

      why i got an message error when i was trying to add a buddy list – it says message delivery failed, did u make it wrong?

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