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Truth about Videocards/GPUs

Ex. AMD Radeon HD 677/ Nvidia GeForce GTX 780

  • The first digit is the generation (2nd Important)
  • The second digit is the performance indicator (Very Important)
  • The third digit is a refined performance indicator (Least Important)
  • The forth digit is often just 0

Performance indicator numbers: 
(red number)
1: Intergrated graphics product, very low performance
2: Low performance
4-3: Low-Mid performance
5-6: Midrange performance
7-8: High performance
9: Ultra High performance

High Performance ang AMD Radeon HD 6770 at Nvidia Geforce GTX 770.
Low-Mid Performance ang AMD Radeon 6470 at Nvidia Geforce 530

So when it comes to performance. the higher the second number the better.
So AMD HD 5000 series… 5450<5550<5570<5670<5750<5770<5830…
if combined AMD HD 4000 series… 4350<5450=4550<5550<5570=4670<5670<575…

not only memory is important to look at you also need to check other like:
(red as the most importantand green as second most important.)

Pixel/Vertex Shaders
Core Speed (here you could know if you could overclock it. Nvidia has base boost feature)
Shader Speed
Memory Speed
Memory Bus Width ( 64bit/128bit/256bit etc.)
Memory Type (GDDR5/4/3)
Memory Size (ng GPU) (here we usually look at which we should not.  the 2GB 1GB…)
Power Consumption
DirectX Support (11 up)
OpenGL Support
Physx Support ( Nvidia only)

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